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About Inspec Direct

What is Inspec Direct?

An invaluable resource for researchers, engineers and information professionals, Inspec Direct allows you to pinpoint relevant literature quickly from over 21 million records, covering over 4,500 global journals and spanning more than 50 years.

Release version

This Beta Version 1 release of Inspec Direct offers a refreshed, streamlined interface, enabling users to search Inspec more quickly and efficiently using Quick search and Advanced search functionality.

Using Inspec Direct

Inspec Direct combines the relevance and accuracy of the Inspec database with the simplicity of a search engine interface, making your research journey as efficient as possible so that you can:

  • keep pace with developments in the fast-moving world of science, engineering and technology
  • pinpoint the latest global research in your field
  • access quality data quickly
  • avoid research duplication and “reinventing the wheel”
  • track your competitor movements to stay one step ahead
  • accelerate your R&D activities by saving time and money.

Inspec Direct provides direct access to query the Inspec database and Inspec Archive.

IET Inspec

The Inspec database currently contains close to 21 million records from over 4,500 global physics and engineering journals, patent documents, conference proceedings and videos, dating back to 1969. A full list of indexed journals can be found here on the IET’s website.

Inspec Archive

The Inspec Archive within Inspec Direct represents the digitised version of the original Science Abstracts series, extending coverage back from 1898 -1968.

Find out more about the Inspec Archive.

Find out more about Inspec’s unique indexing and why Inspec is the database of choice for numerous prestigious research institutions around the world.