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Inspec Direct user guide


Top things to know about Inspec Direct:

  • Two main search options available: Quick search and Advanced search. Find out more about each search option in our Guide to searching Inspec Direct.
  • Results can be downloaded: Search results can be downloaded to a .txt file for use outside of Inspec Direct. Look for the download icon at the top of the search results page.
  • Access is via Static (fixed) IP: Inspec Direct allows only access via Static (fixed) IP address authentication currently. A Static (fixed) IP address is simply one that does not change. As such, please make sure you are connected or logged into your organisation’s network.
  • Inspec uses controlled indexing and uncontrolled indexing: Look for the list of controlled and uncontrolled indexing terms at the end of each record in your search results.

Getting started

  • Visit or click on "Go to Inspec Direct" on the menu bar.
  • If you receive an Access Denied error message, check with your librarian that your institution has a subscription to Inspec Direct. Contact us or Request a Demo if you are not certain.
  • If your access is successful, then welcome to Inspec Direct! You can now begin searching. You will land on the Quick Search page so you can start your search there or move over to the Advanced search to use the pre-filtered drop down fields.
  • Bookmark the Inspec Direct News page to keep up to date with new features and other developments and events for Inspec Direct.

Guide to searching Inspec Direct

Take a look at our Guide to searching Inspec Direct for some useful tips on how to make the most of Inspec Direct’s search functionality. Search tips are also available in the Help menu on the Inspec Direct platform.