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Feature summary

September 2019:

  • Quick search - Free text search for a single term (keyword) or a phrase.
  • Advanced search - Offers multiple options to refine your search strategy. Tailor your search based on a set of given Inspec search fields, a range of dates, by document type, or language.
  • Search operator: " " - Quotation marks are to be used around keywords or phrases for Inspec Direct to return exact matches
  • Search operator: AND, OR, NOTBoolean operators are supported (must be entered in capitalised letters) for refining or more complex searches.
  • Search operator: * - An asterisk (*) serves as a wildcard/truncation symbol to look up variants of words.
  • Search operator: ? - The ? serves as a wildcard/truncation to replace a single character where that character may vary, for example: WOM?N to find Women or Woman.:
  • Search operator: : - The colon ( : ) operator is used for fielded searching in Inspec Direct together with specific Inspec field codes in the Quick search.
  • Highlighted search results - Keywords and phrases searched are highlighted for convenience in the search results. The exception is wildcard (truncation) search terms that are not highlighted in the search results.
  • In application help - Targeted help topics are available within the user interface for both Quick search and Advanced search. Look for the text “Show help” next to the search boxes.
  • Download results - A whole (single) page of results or all results of a search can be downloaded. The format of the downloaded file is .txt.