Inspec Direct
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Feature summary

(September 2019)

Quick search
Free text search for a single term (keyword) or a phrase.
Advanced search
Offers multiple options to refine your search strategy. Tailor your search based on a set of given Inspec search fields, a range of dates, by document type, or language.
Search operator: " "
Quotation marks are to be used around keywords or phrases for Inspec Direct to return exact matches
Search operator: AND, OR, NOT
Boolean operators are supported (must be entered in capitalised letters) for refining or more complex searches.
Search operator: *
An asterisk (*) serves as a wildcard/truncation symbol to look up variants of words.
Search operator: ?
The ? serves as a wildcard/truncation to replace a single character where that character may vary, for example: WOM?N to find Women or Woman.
The colon ( : ) operator is used for fielded searching in Inspec Direct together with specific Inspec field codes in the Quick search.
Highlighted search results
Keywords and phrases searched are highlighted for convenience in the search results. The exception is wildcard (truncation) search terms that are not highlighted in the search results.
In application help
Targeted help topics are available within the user interface for both Quick search and Advanced search. Look for the text “Show help” next to the search boxes.
Download results
A whole (single) page of results or all results of a search can be downloaded. The format of the downloaded file is .txt.